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How It's Made

Our transdermal technology is best-in-class. Learn how our patches deliver hemp.

The Mission: Deliver hemp with easy to use applications

How it's made:

We produce the best hemp patches on the market and we are not afraid to prove it. Check out our small batch manufacturing process.

Transparency is non-negotiable: We are based in science, data, and results. No BS, No fluff. We deliver the best products and strive for the highest quality.

How Does it Work?

Our transdermal system uses a Dermal Absorption Model to deliver hemp through the skin. After years of trial and error on cadavers, we developed our proprietary formula for maximum delivery. Other companies talk hemp, we live it.

What's Inside The Patch?

We combine the highest quality hemp isolate with vitamins and essential oils for maximum performance.

Patches vs Ingesting or

Vaping Hemp

Aside from dangerous additives included in oral and inhaled hemp products, the  absorption rate and consistency of delivery over time is a major advantage with Affix patches. We ran a comparative study to determine hemp delivery over time vs an oral solution, vaping, and a competitor patch. It is clear that all platforms deliver some amount of hemp, however, consistency in delivery and overall higher milligram delivery is obtained with an Affix patch.

No secrets, just science.

Independent Validation

Our patches are validated by a third party lab to confirm quality. The Certificate Of Analysis from our recent production run evidenced 97.32% hemp purity and no THC detected. 

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