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Go Solo Interviews Affix Patch Founders

Affix Patch founders Brad Hannah & Larry Scharra were recently interviewed by Subkit for their Go Solo series on entrepreneurship to discuss the Affix Patch Hemp patches and their journey as business owners. The series focuses on small business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches in career and education.

Brad Hannah (Left) and Larry Scharra (Right)


The Go Solo series provides advice and profiles on entrepreneurs, business owners, and coaches from all over. It also shares the unique stories of small businesses of all types. Larry and Brad were thrilled to be included in this series and couldn't wait to talk about their product and about the team behind Affix Patch. Although Go Solo has traditionally focused on profiling the founder(s) or sharing tips for future entrepreneurs, the interview was approached as an opportunity for Brad and Larry to discuss the benefits of their product and how they have incorporated their holistic approach to medicine into Affix Patch.

Our mission is to combine best-in-class technology with our holistic vision to provide a transparent and trusted solution to an expanding nature-based customer group. We rely on the science of Hemp and slow-release transdermal (or dermal) technology to provide our customers with the best hemp-based patches free of gimmicks, pills, prescriptions, or harmful chemicals

You really get a sense for each of their personalities in the article. Although both are incredibly passionate about the healing and treatment benefits of Hemp, Larry is far more pragmatic and business minded, while Brad is the more emotional and spontaneous of the two. Larry had especially pointed comments about the adverse effects of prescription drug reliance saying, "We continue to see pharmaceuticals used to manage pain, anxiety, insomnia, and mental focus resulting in depression and addiction" and his expectation to bring Hemp wellness solutions "to the masses". Brad had comments about his personal experience adding, "As an athlete, I was constantly looking for pain relief, inflammation issues, circulation issues, and muscle soreness, but I was always concerned with the side effects of pharmaceuticals."

"I wanted a product tested for efficacy, safety, and natural healing. I’m not only a founder of this company but also a customer." -Brad

After reading the full interview you can see why Larry and Brad are perfect for Go Solo's series profile. The two saw a niche in the Hemp market and filled it with their transdermal patch Hemp products that are changing people's lives. They bring passion, drive, and love to all they do! Take a look at the current available products here to discover how Affix Patch products can be incorporated into your daily health care routine.

If you're interested in learning more about Brad and Larry's story, information about the future of Affix Patch & the Hemp industry, or tips for starting your own business you can find the full article below.

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